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Soundtrack of my life

on February 14, 2012

I love music.  I suppose I always have.  It’s not just the beat, or the music itself.  I love words.  I love a song that can touch me on a very deep level, and move me.  I was adding some music through itunes the other day, and it hit me as I was looking up various artists on the internet and trying to see if I could find their respective albums on itunes, that music is the description for so many things.  Think of it as a soundtrack.  One of my favorites is Love, Actually.  I fell in love with “Here with Me” that way.  I had never heard of Dido before, but that song captured my attention in the movie.  It evoked an emotional response for me.  The same is true of “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush (google her version–it’s the best one) from “She’s Having a Baby.”

The writers of Love Actually talked about how hard they worked to convey certain emotions through the music, and influenced their use of particular Joni Mitchell songs and even involving that dialogue with one of their characters.  It really started me thinking about a couple of things in regard to that.  Knowing that certain songs make me happy, sad, excited, etc., I started wondering. . . if my life were a movie, what would my soundtrack be?  Now, obviously, it’s going to be longer than a two hour movie, but the same general ideas apply.  There are moments where I’m sad, happy, excited, motivated, angry, in love, or struggling.

So what would my soundtrack be?  I was going to go through the chronology of my life so far, but I’m over 40 now, so that might take more time than you have.   Let’s just hit the highlights:

“I’ll Still be Loving You” by Restless Heart was my wedding song.   “I’m Already There” by Lonestar is the song I relate to when I’m working out of town and my kids miss me (and me them).
“Annie’s Song” by John Denver when I’m content and fulfilled.  “Baby Girl” by Sugarland summed up the support my parents gave me when I quit my job of 15 years and started a business quite literally with nothing, except about $5,000 I kept out of my 401K.  “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver when I drive into the valley and see the mountain where I was raised.  It literally gives me chills.  I always thought I’d grow up there and take over the farm someday.  Living in the city is not where I ever imagined myself.  “She” by Elvis Costello when I feel introspective and hope that other people see my better qualities.  “Faith of the Heart” by Rod Stewart when I have to remind myself that I have the strength to keep going on and doing something half the people close to me thought I was crazy for undertaking.  “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush, when I think about the emergency c-section I had with Lucas (which, incidentally, is very close to how it happens in the movie).  “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton when I think about growing up a poor farm kid, and seeing how my parents always managed to provide for us.  “Conviction of the Heart” by Kenny Loggins as I try to teach my children what’s right and wrong, protecting the planet and their families, and having ethics in their lives.   “The Dance” by Garth Brooks as I contemplate loves found and lost, and experiences along the way.  “Standing Outside the Fire” is another good Garth Brooks song about stretching past boundaries.  “Good Ol’ Days” by The Judds as I think about my childhood and how much the world has changed.  “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars when I think about my husband always telling me that he thinks I’m pretty and I look good, even when I know I don’t.  It reminds me of how true love really IS blind, and that’s perfectly okay.  Another good one by Bruno Mars is “Count on Me” which reminds me how I feel about my friends, and how even though it’s complicated and sometimes I’m not there for the daily stuff, I do my best to be there when they really need something.

As you can see, there are plenty of them, and I’ve barely scratched the surface (remember, though, I AM over 40, so there are a lot of years/feelings/situations to cover!).  This also doesn’t even begin to cover each one of the crazy goofy situations I get myself into–that would probably turn the motion picture of my life into a comedy for sure!  What would your soundtrack be?  What does your life say to other people?  Give it a thought.  You might be surprised.




One response to “Soundtrack of my life

  1. Chris says:

    Very interesting! How long did it take you to compile that list and how many songs did you think of that you DIDN’T put on it. I can’t imagine having to narrow down my list. I think there are 10 songs for each emotion. Gemini – gotta love us!

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