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on March 3, 2012

I obviously don’t seem to feel like working this morning, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts instead. . .

I’m a Gemini.  I was born on June 8 (nearly 28 days late of my “due” date of May 10, which is unheard of anymore).  The first of many things which has happened to me which likely were fate.  Maybe you buy fate and maybe you don’t, but it’s interesting to at least evaluate the possibility, nonetheless.  At any rate, I encourage you to evaluate your sign and see how well you “fit.”   It’s an interesting and, if nothing else, entertaining exercise.   If you’re at the end of the sign and near another sign, you could also have traits of those as well.  Not me–I’m right smack in the middle of the Gemini sign.  Those of you who know me well will find this amusing.

To give proper credit where credit is due, the following comes from the website,  Gemini means “the twins.”  Geminis are generally independent and outgoing personalities who “delight in socializing.”  They almost always make a particular event a lively occasion  (I’m not so sure about that part, but I do enjoy socializing).  They are magnanimous in offering their friendship to people.  THAT I totally get.  I am famous for wanting to ‘rescue’ people, many times to my own detriment.  That doesn’t stop me from trying, though, because the one that works out makes the others worth the heartache.

At work, Geminis are unique in that they are born to become intelligent people (I, personally, believe we are ALL capable of intelligence, so I’m not sure I buy that line, but this next part I have found to be true of all my Gemini friends).  They are witty and sometimes cunning, They can juggle multiple tasks without looking tired afterwards.  On communication, one can never be bored whenever he is around a Gemini.  They often make it a point to carry on a conversation no matter how boring it is for them.    My friend Jackie would agree with this next part:  Geminis are experts at persuading people.  Using their ability to communicate efficiently, they can easily get what they want from a person.  Geminis are also naturally charismatic, which draws people to them.

Before you think we’re all fun and games, we do have some flaws too.  According to the same website, Geminis are usually excessively spontaneous (that’s one I don’t always fit–I generally like to have a plan. Once I have a plan, I can be flexible about changing it, but I’m also really weird OCD about things).  Geminis may be viewed as reckless and flirtatious.  Geminis are also indecisive sometimes, and they tend to change their minds frequently.  This is apparently true especially if the decision is something exciting to them.  Geminis generally love novelty and change.

When I was in high school, I had a very good friend (and a fellow Gemini) who gave me a book about us.  It fascinated me to compare myself to this image, and to see how much of it they had gotten “right,” especially about me.  If you know me very well, you know I love to travel.  I especially love to travel places I’ve not been before, and I don’t just want to see it–I want to experience it.  I can’t sit still for very long–I guess it’s that “what am I missing?” trait.  I am great at multi-tasking (normally–some days I utterly fail at it), and I love to have lots of friends and always have someone to do things with.  The one thing this particular website doesn’t discuss that I’ve read elsewhere (and discovered about myself), is that the Gemini is like two sides of a coin.  We are our own alter-egos.  Some days I’m totally motivated, others not.  Some days I’m on my game and riding the wave, other days you’d never believe I have done this particular task before.  Some days we’re almost manic with energy and enthusiasm, others I could just stay in bed and sleep or watch movies all day.    And then like today, some days I’d rather play on the computer, blog, talk, or do almost ANYthing other than what I’m supposed to be doing.  Other days you couldn’t keep me from where I’m supposed to be.  We’re a funny lot, that’s for sure!

I suppose I am doing this self-reflection today because a) I’m alone all weekend as my husband and kids are away and I’m not accustomed to being alone and b) I have a mountain of work which needs my attention and I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it this morning because I’ve worked for nearly three weeks solid, and I’m tired.   Geminis also tend to be work-a-holics, by the way, for which I receive a lot of grief from my friends and colleagues.  When you own your own business, though, you sort of are whether you want to be or not.  Oh, and Geminis have short attention spans, so my ADD that I tease my friends about is apparently real. . .    so, there.



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