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The 10 commandments

on April 3, 2012

Our children (in my house) get into trouble when they lie.  My oldest son will tell you that if you do something wrong, you’re in trouble, but lie about it and it’s a LOT worse.  That’s good–that’s the message I want them to have.  I’m amazed at how these little messages come back to me sometimes in the oddest ways.  I mean, who hasn’t (technically) “lied” about something.  You ignore a phone call or have your husband tell someone you’re out or asleep or in the tub because you don’t feel like engaging in a 30 minute conversation.  You say you have other plans for dinner even though you’re just camped out in the recliner catching up on a book or a TV show.    You say you haven’t heard something you know you have because you want that person’s point of view.  Sure!  Everybody’s done it–that doesn’t make us liars, though, does it?

I kept the boys out of school last Friday.  No one was feeling 100%, and we were honestly all tired.    We had several things that had to get finished Friday, and a couple of appointments, so we reasoned it was a “kill two birds” kind of thing–let the boys get some rest and let us get some extra things accomplished.  What I didn’t realize is that we already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for Monday, and then Brennan ended up losing a crown over the weekend.  So. . .  it hits me about 9 Sunday night as we’re talking about the day that we’re going to have to keep the boys out of school again.  There are just too many things, and it’s not worth driving to Maumelle for the maybe two hours they’ll go to school.

As we get up Monday morning, I call both the boys in to sit on my bed.  I explain to them that I’m going to e-mail their teachers and tell them that they weren’t feeling 100% on Friday so I kept them home, and then Monday presented us with a dentist and a couple of doctor appointments.  I explain to the boys that should their teachers ask them about Friday, they shouldn’t say “Mom just gave us a day off.”     Lucas understands completely, and nods in agreement.  He gets the fact that he got an extra day off school, and appreciates it for the gift it was.    Brennan is looking at me, wide-eyed and grasping at what I’m telling him.  I said “I understand that what I’m asking you to do could be perceived as lying.”  Brennan, just as straight-faced and calm as possible says “you know you’re asking us to break the 10 commandments.”  I sat in awe.  It doesn’t bother you at all to lie about who did something at the house, or to lie to get your brother into trouble, but you’re worried about our souls over me keeping you home when maybe I shouldn’t have.

Now I feel like I should go to confession.  The things these kids say just amaze me!


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