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From the Mouths of Babes. . .

on May 18, 2012

Those of you who have been following this (or know me through some other aspect of my life) have been party to the drama that has been school life as of late.  My children have lost most of their privileges this summer.  They’ve also discovered they will have a curriculum to follow, which is not making them very happy.  That all started yesterday when they arrived from school and wanted to have something to do.  I gave them a writing assignment to fill one page about why school is important.  I just had to share these.   As hard as it is for me I’m not correcting the spelling or grammar.    His brother figured out pretty quickly that if he wrote complex sentences and made paragraphs (especially with a line between them, since I didn’t stipulate) he wouldn’t have to write as much.  I tried to tell Brennan that more paragraphs meant less page–he told me he was going to write ONE paragraph.  He was told to fill the page, and he got about 1/3 down and then got in trouble.  About half way down, he got in trouble again, and ended up with a spanking.  I was going to just run it together in the interest of space, but I think seeing how he did the lines is part of what makes it funny.

Brennan (age 9 at time of post):

School work is importent Because
you don’t get detention or saturday school.
you will get good grades, will get
to do fun stuff like trip to the movies, and
get new games. and that is a re-
ally good thing since I lost All of MY prifilegis.  (which was written in BOLD by the way!)
grrr  i’m mighty super-
duper duper duper duper dead-
ly mighty hacked.
its just i want a
tree house
my games
my scouts BACK.   (again, in bold)
When I grow up I’m going
To Be nothing; just plain Brennan
I’m just going to sit around and
play video games as long as I
want too.
I just wish.
that I WAS
SPAAAAAANKED!     (can you tell??)
I want my games, movies
Everything BACK!
I wish that I had some
money so I can get things that
I just want.  wow long paragraph
I know.

He gives this to me to read, and I, quite literally (or literily) have to go into the next room to finish reading it for fear of laughing out loud.  This kid definitely marches to his own little drum, and I love him for it.  It’s amusing to me to see what your kids do and see yourself in them.      Lucas’ submission was much more eloquent, and I can definitely see those “creative writing” assignments I used to turn in with my spelling words that always made my English teacher chuckle.  Poor kids.  I can’t imagine if they’re both like me!:

Have you ever wondered why school is important?  If no, then you need to learn about it.

School is important because you can go to college and get a good job.  Having a good job means you’ll have a good life.

It will also make you pass scouts by being one of the top 10 in school and get Eagle.

It will also help you pass school (which is the 12th grade in our school).  Right now I am in the 5th grade, so I have 7-8 more years to pass school.  When I do pass, I’m going to be a Lego engineer!  It will be fun!

I can’t wait to see what their next “homework” assignments will look like!


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