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The Rainmaker

on November 27, 2012

When I started my business in 2010, I remember thinking that I just wanted to feel useful and do something that I knew would benefit my clients.  I had been presented an opportunity to work for another company from home, and that was really appealing, but a very dear friend of mine talked to me about the skillset I possess, and about how I could be in control of my own future.  I was excited about the possibilities as I discussed the situation with my mentor, but even then my first plan was a small one.

My children were still pretty small and I wanted to have more freedom and time with them.  In the time since I’ve started my business I’ve been able to take off more for school functions, take longer vacations, and take those impromptu afternoons off for a movie or a trip to the pool here and there.  I work a lot–I always have, but I’m finding a way to balance the two and enjoy both aspects of my life so much more.  As I was saying, my original plan was a small one.  I hoped to just bring in a few hundred dollars a month, work out of the house, and be on my own for a while.  Before I knew it, my little fledgling company was presented with an opportunity which met my three year plan pretty much out of the gate.  By month six, we had seriously outgrown my kitchen and had moved into some leased office space in west Little Rock.

Month 12 presented us with our next big client (not counting the several smaller ones who had projects for us along the way), and we were off to the races.  By the beginning of year three, it seemed things had slowed quite a bit and I felt like we were a bit “stuck.”  Despite marketing and networking, it takes a while to grow again, I’ve learned.  Still, have a very wonderful, faithful staff who understand when things don’t go quite as planned, and they have as much hope and anticipation for our company as I do.

As we started 4th quarter, I made the proclamation one day in the office that I could feel something about to happen.  I wasn’t sure what, when, or where, but that I just had a feeling it was going to happen.  By the second week of October, we had our first prospect when a friend of mine wanted to put me in touch with a friend of hers.  The middle of October brough back a client for whom we had completed a project earlier in the year who had a longer-term situation for which they needed support.  We were elated in the office.  We were just sure that’s what my “I have a feeling” conversation was regarding.  I nervously worked our budget numbers for 2013, and while they weren’t exactly where I needed them, we were certainly getting close.  Then came the next out of the blue prospect–an old friend of mine who is at a new company and has proposed a partnership with us.  That alone has the potential of making some incredible revenue, depending on the rollout of their initiative.  Again, I worked the numbers, conservatively.  That would make it–if everything fell into place early in 2013, we would end the year in the black–barely.

Then today it happened.  Another former colleague of mine reached out to me after finding out where I was through another mutual connection.  When he called we talked through the various scenarios for us to develop in the future, and then he put me onto one more larger client.  I visited with the larger client for nearly 45 minutes today and we have a game plan for an offer and a presentation.  I’ve been in the clouds all day today!  It’s all coming together, and it’s all happening at once!  I can’t believe it!

On the way home tonight, an email from a friend of a current smaller clients of ours recommending us for our services in their clinic.  I can’t ever remember a day where I’ve been approached about three business opportunities, and finished up a fourth one.  What a great day!  I AM the RAINMAKER!

Oh, and apparently my husband saw that I was living right today and being blessed extraordinarily, so he made sure to buy me a lottery ticket on the way home.  Just wait to see what I’m going to have to post tomorrow. . .  🙂


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