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Santa and the Mentor

on December 17, 2012

This time of year leads to a lot of sentiment. Just watch Miracle on 34th Street, or more likely in my case, Christmas Vacation or Scrooged, and you’ll see it. People who realize the true meaning of Christmas and sharing their feelings with family and friends.
As I was sitting a few days ago, addressing envelopes for my Christmas cards I thought about the people to whom I always send our cards. “What are they up to?” “Wonder how their kids are doing?” “I haven’t seen them on Facebook lately” and the like. As I reached the card for my mentor, I paused for a moment and thought about my lunch with him last week and all the wonderful news I was able to share. I don’t know if it’s my age, or what, exactly, that makes me so sentimental this year but I have enjoyed addressing cards more this year than the past couple of years. I have taken time to reflect more on the goings on with each of these people and what they mean in my life.

When I began my business, I was in a bad place emotionally. It was a hard couple of months, and I struggled with my decisions and whether or not I was making the right move.  I talked to my mentor several times during that period, and he always had an uplifting story or revelation to share with me.  Those talks helped me through so much, and for that I am extremely grateful.

I journal when I have something I need to work through.  I guess this blog is the evolution of what used to be my more private thoughts, but either way it helps me a lot to get my words out and give them life.  I wrote two separate journals at the beginning of 2010.  One was covering about a 60 day period of my decision to leave my then current life.  The other was a 12 month long journal covering the first year of my business.  I’ve started an interesting end-of-year tradition now where I read all of the shorter journal and quite a bit of the longer one at the end of the calendar year as I’m reflecting on the year past and the year ahead.  It has been a great source of grounding for me and helped me remember the pitfalls I found almost immediately starting a new business, and reminded me of the things which were important to me building my life moving forward.

I felt moved to start a letter to my mentor as I was reflecting on this year and re-reading my journal.  I realized for some reason this year how much his presence is demonstrated in my words–the number of conversations that have his influence or the times I was struggling or, frankly, a little frightened, and there would be a conversation with him.  The times he kept me grounded, assured me I was headed in the right direction, inspired me or tweaked my plan a bit to meet my goals.  Always comforting, always uplifting, always in love.  I wrote him several paragraphs, telling him how I always knew he meant a lot to me, but that it had hit me this year how much he does this for people out of pure love.  He gets nothing in return, except the satisfaction of seeing his “pupil” do well.  I have benefited from his wisdom in so many ways, I can’t even articulate them all.

I hope that everyone has the opportunity in their lives to be touched by someone as wonderful as I have.  I’m blessed to have loving, supportive people all around me but his relationship with me stands out as truly unique.  I hope I can impact a young person some day the way he has impacted me, and that I bless them with the same wisdom and confidence he demonstrates every time we speak.    If you have someone special in your life, take a moment and let them know.

I received a phone call from him this afternoon, having received my letter, and telling me he was overwhelmed with emotion.  He was so proud and so humbled to have received my words.    Today has reminded me that gifts–certainly the best ones–aren’t anything you can buy, but are the things that come purely from your heart.  Purely, with love.


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