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Reaching out

on March 2, 2013

I’m very blessed.  I realize that.  I’m healthy, as is most of my family.  I have a business that we’ve built from scratch and it’s really turning into something.  I have great employees, wonderful friends, and tremendous opportunities.   I think sometimes it takes some crap to make you realize you really are blessed.

I have friends with various challenges right now, and it struck me this morning as I was writing one of them that the problems my friends face are all exceptionally complex.  Some are health related, some are marital problems, some are legal problems.   I have friends who are dealing with so much at one time, that I can’t imagine how they can comprehend it all and push through it.    From being faced with significant loss of body function of some time, or cancer, or long-term illness, to losing children in custody battles and spiteful ex-spouses, to losing jobs and trying to rebuild a life.    It reminds me of all I have for which to be grateful, but it reminds me of something greater than that.

As I was writing my friend this morning and trying to provide a little humor and cheer to a ridiculously complex and depressing situation, I realized that I think that’s part of my “job” in life. As I told my friend “we’re all here to pick each other up,” I reminded myself that we all have a bad day every now and then, or go through situations we aren’t sure how to resolve, but we should always keep looking forward and help our fellow man through their own situations.  By doing that, we remove the focus on our own and help another person at the same time.  Can I solve my friend’s problem?  No, unfortunately I can’t.  But I can be a shoulder to cry on, I can provide some humor and remind that person of better days past and better days coming in the future.

I hope that my friends feel the love and admiration I have for them.  I pray that it’s not lost in the words I speak to them or the jokes or the sarcasm.  I wish they could all know that I long to see each one of them happy and healthy, and in control again, and that I would do anything in my power to give that to each one of them.   I hope they realize that I don’t mean to get busy and let days slip by, but unfortunately it does happen.  It doesn’t mean they are ever far away in my thoughts and prayers, however.

I feel silly when I let my issues of the day bog me down or depress me, when I think of the challenges these friends are enduring.  I think that I have all these people in my life to remind me that my life is actually pretty simple, and wonderful, and I can continue to aspire to be more and do more.

If you have a friend going through something challenging today, please take a moment and reach out.


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