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Reading the book

on September 17, 2013

It’s well after 8 p.m. now.  I should have been home two hours ago.

I miss writing.  That’s the real reason for my delayed departure from work.  I’ve had several things which have happened the past couple of weeks that I wish I could have written about.  Some good, some not so good, some funny.  I like the funny ones most of all, but I haven’t gotten to really write much.  This will be my third post of the day–I guess I feel compelled to make up for lost time.

I was able to meet my parents in Ft. Smith (near their home) the other night for dinner.  I was traveling on business and it was only about 20 minutes out of my way to catch up with them.  They were in the process of buying a new vehicle, and were entertaining me with stories of how their day had unfolded.  I went to dinner with them and with a dear friend of mine.  They knew my friend, as we had gone to school together, and they were telling her stories and looking at pictures of her son and talking to both of us.

As we asked my dad to relay a couple of specific stories about when he was driving a truck, I thought about how often this happens in my family.  We have such great stories.  So many things which make us laugh.  We’re all pretty good story-tellers, in our own rights.  My dad, though, is pretty exceptional it at.  From his description of the events, to his ad-lib comments about what he was thinking or feeling at the moment.  I catch myself in awe every time, even if I’ve heard the story before.

As I finished my second entry for the day and was winding down my afternoon and preparing to go home, I saw that I had posted over 60 stories on here.  From a very simple “this is my blog and I love to write and get things out.  I hope it’s entertaining” to stories about my kids, the things we all say or do, friendships, heartbreak, and life lessons.  I have engaged myself over the past two hours, reading almost every one of the 60.  Sometimes criticizing my writing (I must have been in a hurry when I wrote that), sometimes stopping to correct the grammar or a typo, but mostly smiling or reflecting on what I was feeling at the moment.

Some of the stories I had completely forgotten, such as Brennan having “mental tilapia,” or stories of Luke’s first solo & ensemble.  Some were much more at the surface and I could even recall how I felt at that moment.  I re-watched videos about which I had written (such as “halftime in America,” which is still one of my favorites), and I reflected about the message I was trying to convey, such as “soundtrack of your life.”

I want to thank everyone who has read these stories, given me feedback and laughed or cried with me as you’ve read them.  The people around me are often inspiration for what I write, and re-reading these tonight has truly been a treasured experience.  It was like re-discovering an old book or movie, and it being familiar enough that you really enjoyed it but unfamiliar enough that you couldn’t necessarily predict the next scene.

It strikes me the memories I have, and the stories I have left to tell.  I’ve definitely got to make more time to write.  I posted in my very first post that writing for me is cathartic, and I think I forget that sometimes.  I am consumed with my life and all my activity, and I forget to share it all.

Anyway, thanks for coming along for the ride, and for sharing your opinions and your optimism.  I’ve had several recommendations to write a book, and I honestly have tinkered around with a few ideas.  Maybe that will be my next big undertaking.  I’ll keep you posted.  🙂


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