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Palm readers and Tarot cards

on October 7, 2013

The quaint little streets in the French Quarter offer something for everyone. We were impressed to see people carrying their alcoholic drinks around (and I have to admit, I enjoyed getting to sip on mine all night). We wandered in and out of shops, stared in awe of the young men who spend their whole evening on skateboards catching a ride with each passing car on Decatur.

We had beignets at 10 o’clock at Cafe Du Monde and sat discussing the goings on in the square across the street. As dark fell, all manner of performer spread out and prepared to engage the folks walking around the area. My girlfriend, Deedra, and I discussed the folks doing palm readings and tarot cards. We were a little afraid of that stuff, but at the same time it’s fascinating to me. Our husbands were both entertained that we were giving so much thought to it all.

As we finished our beignets and headed across the street, I was approached by the first person and he explained that he had an average cost, that the final cost was determined by his accuracy and my budget. We all agreed that sounded weird, and moved on. I was almost afraid of what he might create, knowing that he needed to put on a good “show” for me.

A few tables further down, we met a lady named “Fox.”. Fox was an interesting lady, and I decided pretty much immediately I liked something about her.

We asked her several questions about the various mediums, and which one does what. It was similar to an interview, with me asking how each worked and why a person might choose one over another. When we told her we were both a little afraid of the Tarot cards, she explained that it was supposed to be around a situation, a person, or something you had in your mind when she did the reading. She couldn’t, for example, tell I would die tomorrow at 5 p.m. just by reading the cards. I finally settled on palm reading, figuring it would give me a better picture of things I already knew, and I’d be able to tell if she was lying or scamming me. (not that I’m skeptical or anything. . . )

As she took my hand and began to analyze me, I watched her eyes carefully to see if she was gauging my responses, etc. She would look up at me and make eye contact periodically, but otherwise she was focused on my hand. She said that I have a strong hand shape (I can’t remember which right now), but essentially it boiled down to a strong hand. My fingers indicated to her that I an good with technical or manual labor. I have strong hands which can be used for building something. The example she gave was that I could create something to be used for something artistic, so I could build the guitar someone else might use, etc.

She could tell the number of serious relationships I had been in, and she speculated the number of children I could have. She could see that I’m stubborn. Not just stubborn, though, she described it as “two Missouri mules, a wooly mammoth, and a cat.”. Wow. Okay. So not just a little bit. As I glance over to Deedra, I see a smile appear on her face. It’s no secret that I’m stubborn, but I was working pretty hard to not display any emotion to this lady just to see how much she might get out of me through this palm reading thing. So far, pretty accurate.

She told me that I’m loyal to a fault and that I’m the kind of person who would rescue someone in need. I’m the one who gives money to people just because I know they need it, or would pick someone up in the middle of the night, etc. She said that I’m a doer, and that I take control when something needs to be done. I can walk into a room and see that something needs to happen, and just take over and get it done without having to be asked.

She said that I have the ability to start two successful businesses and that I have the ability to make over $1 million. Wow. The part that struck me about that is if you had told me that in 2008, for example, I would have told you there was no way. And then I did it. I started out in 2010 and have created a pretty successful business (now I just need the million dollars to roll in!).

She said I’ll live until my early to mid 80s and that I won’t have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or other diseases like that. Whew!! She knew the number of serious relationships I had to date, and predicted my marriage line would be 50 years or so. She could tell that I had been through some distress at various points in my life with a couple of minor health problems, and predicted pretty much smooth sailing from here.

She nailed about 85% or so of my life. Did I learn anything? No, not really, although it will be interesting to see if she nailed the future items correctly. When she did the reading on my girlfriend, we were amazed at how much she got right of her life too. I finally stopped her in the middle of Deedra’s reading and asked her what it was about out palms that could tell her all that information. She explained how the lines being a certain length, or the shape of your hand told her what category suited you. I made the correlation to my husband that it was somewhat like your astrological signs–that people with certain identifiable traits share certain characteristics. She was able to tell things about Deedra that I only know because I’ve known her the majority of my life.

We had a great time, and I’m so glad we did it. I’ve always been curious about the process and she even educated us on how we could get more information and read up on it further. Maybe I’ll take up palm reading in my spare time. Don’t laugh–sometimes I DO have a few minutes here and there. Either way, it was an interesting and entertaining experience.

It made me think about the number of things which are right in front if us but sometimes we need someone to highlight it or explain it in the method we’re ready to hear. When you go to something like that, you’re more open to hearing the message. Maybe it was there all along, but you couldn’t see it because you weren’t open to it. It makes me appreciate why my relationship with my mentor is so important. My “readings” with him help me see how/why I should do or respond to something a certain way.

Sitting there, in the dark, with candlelight on the table and all the other activity up and down the plaza just added to the intensity and the mystery of it all. It was a wonderful experience, and I’m anxious to do it again in the future. According to Fox, you should have it done every five years or so anyway, as your circumstances may change, etc. I guess we’ll see in five years how accurate this five year period was.


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