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Household chores and home improvement

on October 22, 2013

My last post was something heavy and not fun, but I promise this one will be lighter.

My husband and I are watching DIY. It’s one of our favorite channels. Everything from “Holmes on Homes” to “Yard Crashers.” I can’t really get behind “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish” although I think I’m going to have to watch an episode or two just for the humor value.

Anyway, this began a conversation about which chores we like the best. As we watch a cheerful little blonde explain to us how she has to strip every piece of wood in the house and which chemicals she uses and what technique she likes, but “it’s all so worth it.” “Um, no it’s not!” I exclaim.

My husband chuckles. “Yeah, you’ve always been more of a yard girl.” It’s true. I love to be outdoors. I was a tomboy growing up and was perfectly happy being out in the sunshine and lifting, building, hammering, planting. . . whatever. I don’t mind repairs indoors, but I’m not about to get into furniture stripping and all the mess that comes with that. I have a friend, however, who constantly is in her garage, stripping and refinishing some piece of furniture or having the courage to paint a dresser purple or black. Not me. Not in a million years.

I’m more your “run electricity” or “replace the plumbing” kind of person. I understand those things. They don’t intimidate me. I get that they do many other people. I like to build things like shelves, too. I like organization, structure.

We had a lively conversation one day about the work we don’t like around the house. One friend hates laundry. Another hates ironing but loves laundry otherwise. Another hates to do dishes. I dislike cooking. The joke in our house is that I can cook well enough not to kill us, but I really don’t enjoy it. Louis, on the other hand, loves to cook, and he’s great at it.

My kids are learning about chores and responsibility. They don’t like it. They don’t like any of it, honestly, but I think they’re understanding that it’s a necessary evil. I think they probably wish I was one of those moms that just did it all for them, though. At least I’m not making them strip furniture. . .


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