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Driver Courtesty

on January 12, 2014

Being the daughter of a trucker, I’ve always had a healthy respect for the people on the road hauling the big loads. My dad taught me all the things I would need to know myself: using my mirrors, following at the proper distance, etc., as well as the signals and things the truckers are looking for. I have always prided myself in thinking about these people as I drive, and I’ve been very fortunate to have been saved from a ticket a few times, or led off a jammed highway by a helpful trucker. Karma really does pay off.

I’m surprised at the trend I’ve seen develop in the driving community in road kindness. We made a three hour drive yesterday after spending a night out of town. Luckily, our drive was mostly interstate but unluckily, we were in the company of a lot of people who seriously thought the road was theirs. No one looks before they change lanes anymore, or more to the point, maybe they just decide that you should simply move over and let them change lanes anyway.

There were at least four cars in that trip who were riding in the fast lane and refused to move over until I was behind them and flashed them. Seriously? Were they absent the day in driving class where you were taught to use the fast lane to pass? In their defense, though, there are parts of I40 between Memphis and Little Rock when you can only stand to ride in the fast lane, for fear of completely tearing the undercarriage from your vehicle.

The ones who surprised me the most were the truckers, though. Even these people, who usually could always be counted on for road courtesy, now don’t even “thank” you when you let them over like they used to. I shudder to think what the road conditions will be like in 5 years when my children are both driving!


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