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Sharing the Shower

on January 28, 2014

One of the best things after you’ve been sick for a few days is a long hot shower. Washing off all the funk and sickness and making one feel new again gives the promise of a new day and bids farewell to “sick” that has made residence the past few days. I waited for my family to all leave the house Monday morning so I could shower in peace and take my time getting ready for work. Still coughing quite a bit, I wanted to take my time and not worry about where anyone’s shoes/lunchbox/backpack or “insert other irrelevant item here” was. I just wanted to stand under the hot water and relax for a few minutes, working my way back to feeling completely human.

As I step into the shower stall and feel the hot water cascading down, I look up and see a mosquito on the shower stall ceiling. Yes. . . a mosquito, in the middle of January. I glance around the shower stall and see that I don’t really have anything to do any damage to him without causing some other kind of damage, so I opt for the removable shower head. Mosquitoes can’t swim, right? I feel pretty proud of myself as I fling water against the top of the shower stall and notice the culprit has disappeared. I settle back to begin washing my hair and see him again, now on the other side of the shower stall. Again, I remove the hand-held shower head and cover him with water. Again he settles about four inches away. We dance around and around the shower stall for a good several minutes–him landing, me chasing him with water, him moving a few inches and landing again, until I finally was able to chase him over the top of the shower stall. Thankfully I thought enough about what I was doing to have stopped just short of squirting water all over the bathroom floor.

I guess I was feeling better than I realized, because I would never have guessed I had enough energy to battle my mosquito enemy upon stepping into the shower. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re properly motivated. Hopefully he has clued in his little mosquito friends that ours is not the house where they want to hang out this summer. Imagine what I can do with a water hose. . .


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