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Quiet Sundays

on April 20, 2014

It’s Easter here today. There was a time when that meant getting up early and watching my babies hunt eggs with wide eyes and big smiles. Where the Saturday before Easter was spent with me preparing the eggs (we always did the plastic ones so we could hide treasure inside–a trick a picked up from my sister) with fruit snacks or candy or some even with money inside. Then we would have a special Easter meal usually with my husband’s parents and relax for the day. Now my children are old enough that we’re seeing a transition away from these things: we don’t trick-or-treat anymore and we don’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore. Now that my in-laws are in the nursing home, we’re changing up that ritual as well. Easter was always a very important holiday to my husband’s mother especially, and we’ll probably take them lunch and try to capture some of that for her again.

As I awoke this morning and didn’t have anywhere to be or anything pressing to do (for the first time in quite a few weeks), it struck me that the weekends I’m not busy feel bizarre to me. I am not accustomed to simply having a day “off.” When I was finishing my degree, Sundays were one of my busiest days. I would reserve the time to complete my assignments, and connect with my teammates to put touch-ups on our projects and prepare for the next week’s classes. After I finished my degree, Sundays were usually spent working and trying to get ahead of the meetings I knew I would have in the coming week, or finishing work from the previous week. Once the kids got a little bigger it was Boy Scouts and all the adventures that come with that, and taking care of my husband’s parents on the weekends.

Now I sit here, contemplating Sunday dinner for Easter, and listening to my kids finish their weekend chores. This is the first weekend in a long time we haven’t had a campout, or work, or travel, or some kind of activity which consumed much of our day, and I’m reminded of quiet Sundays and relaxation. My husband and I were talking the other day about how Europeans view us Americans. How many times we have heard the remark made that Americans are workaholics, and how we witnessed a relaxation in the people when we visited Europe last summer. We have made the commitment that this summer will be the summer we follow the lead of our friends and go to the lake on the weekends, or get back to grilling out on Saturday nights and watching the stars come out on the deck while visiting with good friends.

I’m amazed at how much of our life has passed by without us stopping and enjoying much of it. I hope this Easter you are able to reflect on sacrifices made for you as well as those you have made, and to commit to appreciate your life in a better way moving forward. I guess I feel a bit like Forrest Gump today. The message just had to be presented in a way that I could understand it.

Here’s to long weekends at the lake, fun times with friends and family, and, oh yeah. . . breathing. Really taking it all in and appreciating the beauty and the complexity of the world around us. Not taking any of it for granted and realizing that time is precious.

Happy Easter!


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