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Coworkers, Hallways, Cars and Healthcare

on June 18, 2014

I’m known in my circle of family and friends for the unique and exceptionally detailed dreams I have. This one was so crazy, I just had to write it down.

Work has been crazy busy. New clients, lots of whom are still in limbo reviewing agreements or establishing with us what exactly they want completed, have consumed my thoughts, along with the regular day-to-day activities which demand attention. I generally work well under pressure, but lately the struggle has been complicated by having numerous projects at various stages of completion and feeling like I’m overwhelmed bringing a few of these to a close. Add to that the growth we’re experiencing and evaluating our options for space (we’re very seriously in jeopardy of outgrowing our current suite in the next six months if even half of the clients “on the hook” come through), and my mind had plenty to keep it busy.

A couple of weeks ago my dream was that I returned to my former place of employment. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing there, as I was in more of a consulting role than my previous job, but it was really pretty unclear what my function was exactly. For some reason I reported to the Medical Director, which was not how it worked in my former life. The Medical Director I used to work with previously passed away a couple of weeks ago, though, and he’s been heavy on my mind, so I just attributed that connection to him. In my dream I was reporting to his replacement (who has not been named yet), and that person was focused on how the entire company was dressed every day. We had a mandatory time to report just before lunch each day, and if he didn’t like how you were dressed you were sent home to spend your lunch hour changing clothes and coming back. I was remarking to the employees that I thought this was silly, as this particular company has always struggled with dress code rule breakers in one form or fashion, and that I couldn’t believe that the company was putting up with this, especially since it wasn’t coming from the CEO. I made the remark to someone “at my company. . .” and then it hit me that I had my own company and I didn’t have to sit there.

Last night’s dream was humorous as well. I was in the building where our office currently is, although it didn’t really look the same (but I was aware that it’s our normal place to be). I was not in an office but in a cubicle (I assume this is because we had a lengthy discussion yesterday regarding cubicle design with our contractor). A person I worked with only briefly in my former life, Suzanne, was there, and I had just hired her. She had been there a few days, from the appearance in my dream. I was walking down the hallway and noticed in another cubicle another person from my former life, Gail. When I stopped and asked Gail how she got there, she advised me that Suzanne had hired Gail and three other former coworkers (who I seemed to know in my dream but I have no idea what their identities actually are). Gail asked me if I would go with her to her former place of employment to pick up the remaining few things she had there, and off we went.

We were riding in a small car, like a Fiat or something, over to–get this–the Turkish Temple. The Temple was just down the street a couple of blocks, but when we arrived it was gigantic. It was set like a scene from Lara Croft, where you see an expansive building in Cambodia, situated in the jungle. There was forest all around, and an expansive and beautiful building from the front. Gail drove me along the front of the building, and then wanted to back her car up so I could see the expansive building. The only problem is that the pavement dropped off into several large “steps” off the front of the building. I was freaking out as she was backing up, telling her we were going to go off the steps, when we dropped off the first one. We couldn’t get back up, so we had to keep backing down until we reached the bottom (four or five steps). She seemed completely unconcerned about this series of events, and drove us to a door at the end of the property, where we parked and went inside.

We proceeded down a long hallway, which was a hall, but an open one, like you would see in the Harry Potter movies between the various portions of the castle. As we wandered, you could see small courtyards off to either side, with chairs in rows and people sitting in all the chairs. Gail explained that the reason she and her friends had lost their job and come to work for me was that the Turkish Temple had all kinds of businesses, but also engaged in providing healthcare. These people were all waiting for care in the various areas, and some of them had been there for months (yes, kind of like the VA). The Temple had decided that they couldn’t properly focus on the care needed for these people and needed to use the space for more treatment areas, so they were closing down their other divisions and laying those people off.

We walked a long distance down the hallway, peeking in and out of the various rooms, and Gail gathering this or that from different places. When she had a decent box-full, she announced she was finished and we left. When we got back to the office, I was more frustrated that we didn’t have systems prepared for these people and I didn’t even have extra phones to put on their desks than I was that I suddenly had all these new employees no one had cleared with me. I told Suzanne that she couldn’t hire people in the future without my permission, because we had to be sure their systems were all in place. I didn’t seem concerned about having enough work for them to do or having enough money to pay them.

I looked up some of the dream imagery, and it was pretty interesting. Stairs imply a change. It can mean moving up or down in your current situation, or can represent the struggle to get somewhere. Not many people talk about going down the stairs, but the few I can find it either seems to be feeling like you’re losing ground, or having a “controlled fall” where you are working to move backward and gain control over things that are changing. The fact that we were driving backward seems to imply a “block” in working through something before you can move forward (as I’ve been trying to work through our new client progress and how to grow us successfully into a new space). The hallway represents a means to connect the various aspects of your life (intimate, business, personal), and where it leads is the more important issue–where you end up is what it tells you. I don’t recall actually reaching the end of the hallway–just arriving back at the office.

Whether you believe in all the dream imagery or not is up to you. I think it’s interesting to look it up and see how close to the mark I think I am. Either way, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a vacation (even a mini one), and I’m watching WAY too much of the news. 🙂


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