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I’m baaacckk!

on December 24, 2014

I seriously couldn’t believe how long it had been since I had blogged until last week when three different people over the span of the week asked why I wasn’t writing anymore.  It’s a very flattering position to find yourself in.  Who knew I was so interesting?

My last blog was about leaving WordPress and moving to another blogging site.  Well, old dogs and new tricks and all that.  I didn’t love it.  Apparently the WordPress folks heard me too, because they’ve made some changes.  We’ll see if it works out better now.  I’m accustomed to this interface and I am more comfortable with the tools, etc.

To the folks who have reached out and said you missed my writing, thank you so much!  I love writing and it’s something that gives me a way to unwind and find peace about things.  Thank you for wanting to be a part of that, and for encouraging me.

So, let’s round out 2014 and I’ll try to blog more regularly in 2015!

Merry Christmas Eve!


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