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And I would walk 500 miles. . .

on December 27, 2014

Every day when we finish our adventure for the day and I take my hiking shoes off my poor, tired feet, I pull out my phone to check my “health” app and see how far I’ve walked.  At the rate I’m going, I should be down at least 50 pounds when we get home!

You know, I’ve never understood those people who say they only gain weight on vacation.  I guess I spend too much time moving.  When we cruise, we get off the ship every opportunity we get to see what’s around us.  Spending this two weeks in Orlando has been no exception.  We went to LegoLand and walked just short of 7 miles.  The next day we went to Universal and walked 9 miles.  Yesterday we went to Hollywood Studios and walked 4 miles.  I’m taking a much more leisurely pace today as I write this.  I think I’ve only walked 2,000 steps so far.

We always talk when we leave a trip like this about how we’re going to get home and get motivated and keep up the walking.  The problem is this:  in Florida today it will be 80 degrees.  There is almost always a breeze moving things around.  We all breathe better and move better.  I don’t notice my joints hurting after a 9 mile walk like I typically would at home.   When we get home, we’re expecting sleet and potentially snow.  The highs will be in the 40s.

Don’t think we haven’t had the talk several times this week about moving to Florida and being where the climate is much more temperate year-round.   That will have a wait a bit, though.  Maybe closer to retirement.

We’ve only hit 1 of the Disney Parks so far, and we have 4 more days worth of passes.  I’m curious to see what our vacation walk total is at the end. . .


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