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on December 11, 2015

I read blogs online and I think “I want to write more.  Why am I not blogging more?”.  I love writing.  It’s a tremendous release for me and helps me deal with things going on in my life.  It’s a way to share my corny sense of humor, and my perspective on things.  I love to people watch, and to observe life around me.  I have a pretty deep realization in some of the craziest things (which I think makes my husband wonder if I’ve had enough sleep).  Why don’t I write more?

The short answer is I’m lazy.  I’m busy, and tired, and I’m a mom and a business-owner, and being the boss is exhausting—that’s the longer answer.  I work long days and I fight with my kids over ridiculous things like grades or reading more or for Pete’s sake getting the laundry done.  I want to rest in bed at night and engage myself with something challenging/entertaining on television.  I work too much, and I think too much about EVERYthing.

Seriously.  Too much about everything.  Too much about how we can improve this process or that one.  Too much about why something turned out the way it did (or didn’t).  Too much about what to do when I’m ten years further down the road and the boys are out of high school and into (hopefully) the college of their dreams and my husband and I are contemplating retirement and where should we move and what do houses cost there and what would we do with ourselves all day and could we travel easily from where ever that might be and what would we do with our house here and what if the boys move away from there and start families and I want to move again?  See, it’s exhausting.

When I’m in the car, and I’m mindlessly driving (although, in Little Rock, it’s hard to drive mindlessly—it’s seriously dangerous!), all kinds of things flood through my mind.  Things I’ve forgotten to say or do, solutions to problems, potential ideas for one thing or another, friends to whom I haven’t spoken in a while.  I end up being actually remarkably productive in the car, except that my Siri is an idiot and doesn’t do what I ask.  Staff members or my husband frequently get calls from me saying “I forgot to tell you. . . “ or “I’ve been thinking about that problem we’ve been having, and this might work. . . “

I have so many good stories to tell.  So many things my kids do or conversations we have.  I should be writing all the time.  So, my promise to myself in 2016 is that I will take more time off and will write/blog more.  Aren’t you excited?


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