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Parental Timewasters

on December 22, 2015

I get it–I really do.  She is probably trying to teach the kid a lesson because he didn’t do what he was supposed to do and piddled (as 14 year old boys are prone to do) more than he should have.  After having made the third trip now to either drop off or pick up documentation that some mysterious person whom I’ve never seen or talked to will review and ultimately “sign off,” I’m less than amused to still not have this process complete.

I’m not trying to misplace the blame.  Oh, no.  Part of this is totally on my kid who lost the first set of documentation she had already reviewed and signed.  What I’m irritated about is this “cloak and dagger” style of leaving things in the mail slot or under the door at her office because we can never manage to be there when she’s there, and then waiting on a mysterious text to tell us when to pick it up, only to find that she’s then again not available.

We go today to pick it up, only to find out that she had put it in the mail slot for us to hopefully retrieve before the mail ran (which, of course, we didn’t).   So I left work–again.  I ran him down there–again.  We found we hadn’t beat the mailman, and then I pulled out his phone and read her text, which basically said “I’m leaving it in the mail slot, but if it gets pushed through you can come back tomorrow.”  Well, sure I can.  I have nothing to do all day.  I’m not trying to run a business, or prepare for Christmas, or deal with my other child, or run errands.  Nope.  I’m just sitting here, wishing for something to do during the day, and a reason to drive in Christmas traffic–that’s just a bonus!

So, bless his heart, the 14 year old got quite the lecture on the way back to the office.  He heard all about respecting one’s time, and how procrastinating doesn’t usually only hurt the one doing the procrastinating.  Then my husband got to hear it, and now you’re getting to.  I feel better now, though.  Thanks for listening.

And, tomorrow we’ll go back down and hopefully pick up the completed paperwork and finally put this behind us.  I already told my husband that needs to be how this goes, because I have a really full day tomorrow and if this doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to, I’m liable to just sit in her hallway and give her an earful when I finally get to see her.


Merry Christmas!


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